Snow Guardians

Snow Guardians

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Snow Guardians™ is an immensely visual documentary on the life and work of Ski Patrol and Search & Rescue teams that respond to winter emergencies in the backcountry.

The expanding interest in the backcountry has resulted in a growing number of adventurers seeking enjoyment outside a ski resort. The imperfect science of avalanche study and prediction may be the only thing standing in the way of life and death for a growing number of backcountry adventurers.

Learn from the experts on how to save yourself during an avalanche or backcountry emergency. Can you use a probe, pole and beacon to save your friend? How much training has your backcountry partner had?

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Filmed in Montana, Alaska, and Canada

Sponsered in part by:

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Film Crew and Advisers

Aaron Caughran – Time-lapse and Motion Control
Athan Merick – Avalanche Footagec
Adam Hellman – 2nd Unit Director
Brad Burke – 1st Assistant Cameraman
Carson Garner – Director, Producer & Director of Photography
Chris Dowsett – 2nd Unit Cameraman
Chris Patterson – High Mountain Camera Advisor
Clay Croft – 2nd Unit Director of Photography
Colin Witherill – High Mountain Director of Photography
Douglas Koke – Titles and Visual Effects
Elise turcotte – Avalanche Footage
Fritz Statler – 2nd Unit Cameraman
Guy Calaf – Documentary Interview, Stills
James Shields – High Mountain Cameraman, Stills
Jason Diamond – Senior Editor
Jeremy Irons – Avalanche Footage
Josh Diamond – Senior Editor
Jim Geduldick – Associate Producer
Jonathan Bregel – 1st Unit Director of Photography
Karl Swingle – Co-producer and Senior Editor
Khalid Mohtaseb – 1st Unit Director of Photography
Mandy Hallenius – Storyboards
Morgan Garner – Motion Control Grip
Pierre-Yves Leblanc – Avalanche Footage
Preston Kanak – Time-lapse and Motion Control
Ryan Wilson – Production Assistant, Cameraman, BTS
Steven Bumgardnr – Back-country Photography
Tyler Ginter – Co-Producer
Vincent Laforet – Advisor, Aerial Cameraman
Vojin Marjanovich – Heavy Bag Transport

Special Thanks to:

Bozeman, Montana
Bridger Bowl Ski Area
Yellowstone Club
Big Sky Ski Resort
Gallatin County Search and Rescue
Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center
Montana State University Cold Lab