WATCH: This Serene Ski Film Ties Skiing to the Land

Climate action has to start from a place of love

Whether skiing perfect pillow lines in the Pacific Northwest, contemplating the summer’s cherry harvest, or paddling out into Lake Michigan, Mike King’s central focus is the climate. King spends his winters storm-chasing in a home-built trailer, seeking features off which he can huck the perfect blunt seven.

But come summertime King heads home to tend to his family farm on the shores of Northern Michigan. This split life forces King to note shorter and less predictable seasons. He frets over oil tankers that threaten to spill into the lake, a precious source of both freshwater and recreation. “Feast or Famine” shows you some of the beautiful places that turned King from a freewheeling skier into a climate activist. Check out the video and see how you can get involved here.

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