Watch: This Freewheeling Ski Film Spotlights Revelstoke’s Rowdy Scene

Pillow lines and big booters abound in this riotous short

Captured during the 2019-2020 season, this Henry Banfield (AKA Hondro) film takes us on a ride through Revelstoke’s playful and serious terrain. His crew builds big kickers, dines on pillow lines, and has a great time while they’re at it.

Hondro shot this short on a small mirrorless camera, with some drone and iPhone footage to boot, but the edit is tight and the sends are big, loose, and wildly entertaining. Here’s one to keep an eye on, we see big things and bigger airs in his future.

Grab your tails and spin—this will put you right back in a midwinter mood where the cliffs are big but the landings are soft. Immerse yourself, for just a few minutes, in some deep, dry snow.

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