WATCH: Humor Shines In This Warren Miller Vintage Documentary Edit

Miller didn't have much sympathy for beginners, but he gave them starring roles

How do you celebrate the legacy of someone who was foundational to the popularity and development of a sport? Someone who created an entirely new genre of cinema? These are the fundamental questions of Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story, a documentary that traces the work and the impact of Miller, his annual films, and accompanying film tours.

The film, directed by Patrick Creadon and Starring extreme ski legends Dan Egan, Kristin Ulmer, Jonny Moseley, Scot Schmidt, Colby James, and John Egan, is now available to stream. But here we’re featuring an edit of a large part of what made Miller’s films so special—the humor. Though sometimes caustic and unforgiving, especially to beginners, Miller had a way of finding and documenting the greatest aspect of our sport: the goofballs and the weirdos out in costume for the hell of it.

These gonzo skiers embody what we like to call the “Other ski experience,” and this edit celebrates them along with Miller. You can rent or buy the full documentary here.

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