VIDEO: The Troupe Does Jackson

Fresh high school grads ski the Tetons with a new school twist

The next crop of skiers in Jackson Hole is looking strong. Aiden Ulrich, Sam Winship, Daniel Tisi, and friends have clearly taken advantage of growing up in the iconic ski town. The crew of recent high school graduates just released their new edit, Troupe-December, which combines impressive camera work with backcountry jumps, powder slashes, and some urban rail action. Yes, you read that correctly: urban rails in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's not the typical Super-G turns down the staggered cliff bands of The North Shore action that we're used to seeing out of the Tetons, but it's refreshing to see these young kids rip with a new school influence. This is the first video they have released since dubbing themselves "The Troupe," but according to Ulrich, we can expect to see at least two more videos this off-season. Keep your eyes peeled for those, but in the meantime check out this one. And of course, try not to be too frustrated that you weren't skiing at this level while balancing Algebra class and deciding whom to ask to Prom.