Unsurprisingly, Nick McNutt was killing it well before the ski industry became infatuated with him. The level of skill he possesses does not simply appear out of thin air. Rather, he spent years refining his skiing in the Whistler area, and it shows. Now the long-haired shredder has hit the limelight: he films with TGR, rides for big name sponsors, and blows minds with his switch powder landings. This video from 2013—the same year as McNutt's standout TGR CoLab edit that launched him onto the scene—never reached Internet popularity when it was released, but it should have. It features McNutt spreading his signature style all over the Stash Park in Jackson Hole with wooden rail hits galore. If you've ever slid a wooden rail, you know it's not as easy as he makes it look. Then again, nothing on skis is as easy as McNutt makes it look.