There are many different types of skiers out there—backcountry skiers, park skiers, backseat skiers, heck, even après-skiers. Then, of course, there’s The Bunch.

For the last half decade, this group of Swedish ski misfits has been creating its own interpretation of sliding on snow, an interpretation that puts a stick of dynamite to the traditional ski track we’ve all become accustomed to.

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The Bunch is not just an urban crew. This is a group of skiers that has reimagined the everyday as a ski playground—whether it be manicured parks around their home country Sweden, post-Soviet ruins in Eastern Russia, or abundant pillow lines of British Columbia. Sometimes they use poles, sometimes they don’t link a single turn. Sometimes they ski pow, sometimes they shred dirt patches. But above all, they make us feel like it’s possible to ski just about anywhere, and have a good time doing it.

Last week, The Bunch skier and POWDER’s October Issue cover boy Lucas Stål Madison, released his edit “FLOAT”—nine minutes of skiing that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. Combining his flowy aerial style with impossible line choice and an uncanny ability to put it all to his feet (the dude is half worm, half cat), LSM throws skis where we’ve never seen them before, and makes it look damn impressive in the process. Seriously, guys, a 180 has never looked so cool.

PHOTO: Alric Ljunghager