VIDEO: South American (Sand) Ski Season Underway

While the 'other' Americas await snow, at least they have this

By all reports, things in South America aren’t going well. Argentina has already lost chairlifts to pre-season mudslides and with opening day across most of the ski regions scheduled for this weekend, the Andes look more like modern-day Tahoe. Even South American ski powerhouse, Ski Portillo, has delayed its opening date until July 4, a full two weeks later than planned, per the resort’s website.

That being said, we’re coming at you with a different kind of ski edit out of the Southern Hemisphere. Straight from Chile, Brazil, and Peru, comes a sand skiing edit to remind us that when life hands you El Ninos, make shred on the dunes. Though sand edits past have resembled glorified sledding rather than our favorite pastime, this film from the crew at Real SandSki and Sandboard looks a lot more like its snowy counterpart, even incorporating a sandy money booter and some free-heeling.

So, while Mother Nature makes up her mind down South, rest assured that our compadres del Sur are going to get after it, no matter what.