VIDEO: Ski Soccer Will Blow Your Mind

Just when we think we've seen it all

Move over ski golf, soccer has hit the slopes—and hit them in a big way. Thank you, Norway, for flipping the ski world on its head with a sport that has no legitimate business existing but is damn fun (and impressive) to watch anyway.

From the top of the terrain park, Team Telemark takes on Team Ronaldo, kicking, flipping, volleying, and 270ing their way toward a goal at the base of the hill. And this isn’t just a couple of bros dinking around with a camera, there are some legitimate moves here. I mean, check out that switch 540 heel flick at 51 seconds, or that kickoff railslide to 270 out at 1:13. Did we just discover the new Slamball? Probably not, hopefully not, but I guarantee I’ll watch this at least a couple of more times before I find my next favorite Internet video.

P.S. How about that referee cameo? You can’t play ski soccer with your hands, bro, or the terrain park referee is going to throw a yellow card your way.