When the U.S. Alpine Championships rolled through Sugarloaf, Maine, two weeks ago, it did a little more than crown eight national champions, it also dredged up a little gem in ski history.

Nearly 44 years prior to wunderkind Mikaela Shiffrin blowing out the slalom field by 4.31 seconds, Sugarloaf was busy hosting the only World Cup alpine event ever on Maine soil, before or since. In lieu of the U.S. Championship’s return to Sugarloaf, the historic 1971 competition was commemorated in a short documentary put together by Taylor Walker with help from the Ski Museum of Maine and the Sugarloaf Ski Club.

Serving stark contrast to the multi-million dollar operations of today, the documentary is a grin-inducing adage to a simpler time when all you needed to run a successful World Cup were a couple snowmobiles, a handful of charitable racers, and some damn good moose steaks.