Video: Martin Lentz Shreds B.C.’s Low Tide

Whistler native won't let a little ice and hard pack ruin his parade

My, my, what a strange world we live in. Where once we watched East Coast edits in variable (read:deathly hard) conditions, we know have endless pow videos coming from the gals and guys in New England.

Inversely, B.C. and the Pacific Northwest seemed to have inherited those s&%t f#$k conditions. But while many have returned their gear to REI in search of a new mountain biking setup, IFSA champion Martin Lentz has decided to continue shredding his face off, turning Whistler into his own ice-cased playground. The POV echoes the Candide and Alta train edits we saw earlier this season, and you have to respect the teenager’s rallying cry: Firm is fun.