VIDEO: Bridger Brigade Goes Air Japan

A cultural lesson on sending'er deep in the Land of the Rising Sun

The Bridger Brigade, Bozeman’s own rough-cut ski crew, goes wheels up for the second installment of their Bomb Snow TV series, landing in Japan for the same reason we all dream of landing in Japan: deep powder snow. The boys know they aren’t pioneering new zones, and even use the opening frames to make fun of their exploits a bit, but they sure as shiitakes put their own stamp on things.

You can take the Brigade out of Montana, but good luck taking any Montana out of the Brigade as they turn powder paradise into the towering drops and big, open descents we’d expect to see a little closer to home. Of course, the boys don’t waste any time getting subterranean, but it’s evident that the hard-charging lifestyle dies hard—even in the Land of the Rising Sun.

To learn more about the badass crew and how they got their start in Bozeman, get an inside look at all of the shenanigans in POWDER‘s November Issue, on newsstands now.