With help from 40-plus University of British Columbia freeride athletes, young Canadian filmmakers Seth Gillis, Tim Saylor, and Nathan Starzynski cranked out their latest film project under some next-level time constraints for the World Ski and Snowboard Festival this spring. During the contest, the crew had seven days to film and edit their project, which culminated in 36 straight hours of non-stop editing until the deadline.

Shot in Whistler Blackcomb area, it happened to be nuking the entire week—great for skiing, not so great for filming, says Gillis. “Somewhere between snowmobiling out of the parking lot in the rain and drying out our camera gear by the fireplace at night, we were able to piece it all together.”

Filled with mouthwatering footage of heavenly pillow lines, steep mountainsides, and snowy tree lines, ‘To Follow’ straight up makes you want to go skiing. With your friends. On a powder day. That’s something you’re never too old for.

“It all stemmed from the idea that as we get older and our lives evolve, that feeling of winter and sliding on snow really doesn’t change,” says Gillis. “It’s something that we come back to year after year, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old or about to graduate university.”