TNF’s Mica to Greenland

Skier Johnny Collinson, snowboarder Lucas Debari, and friends embark on a quest from Mica to Greenland

Forging new ground in skier-snowboarder relations, The North Face released a 22-minute film documenting a collaborative journey between Lucas Debari and Johnny Collinson—two younger faces in snowboarding and skiing, respectively, both of whom we will surely continue to see great things from.

The moral of the story goes like this, if you want to go after something big, you have to work for it. Debari and Collinson first head to the land of steep pillows at Mica, a heli ski operation in British Columbia. From there, they enlist the help of mentors Hilaree O’Neill and Ralph Backstrom and go after steep, technical lines on top of the world in Greenland. (See minute 19 where Collinson tackles a crazy steep line on the first sunny day of the trip in two weeks.) Sherpas Cinema filmed this full-length video, so yeah, as you’d expect from Sherpas, the footage is stunning and the story is well told. This film is well worth watching all the way to the end, and then watching again.

“When you invest days, weeks of effort into riding a couple great lines, you remember them for the rest of your life,” says Debari.