This Psychedelic Ski Film Depicts Life Under Lockdown in the Pyrenees

Sketches and watercolors spliced into the film create a thing of beauty

In Spain’s Val d’Aran, one of the only parts of the country on the north side of the Pyrenees, the coronavirus lockdown was particularly severe. For 53 days, any activity outside the home besides travel to a grocery store or pharmacy was illegal—punishable by a €600 fine.

While that may sound extreme to an American perspective, Spain has the second-highest infection rate in the world. These measures may have stopped Spain’s outbreaks from worsening. Fueled by nostalgia for their beautiful mountains, Dorian Densmore and Mya Akins cut their season and returned to Teton Valley, Idaho to put together a short film of their time in Val d’Aran.

The film, spliced with Akins’ art, was produced by Milk Tea Productions and Sego Ski Co. Its psychedelic marveling at the joy of skiing is something with which every skier will resonate.

According to Sego’s blog, it appears that Val d’Aran may have lifted its quarantine lockdown on May 2. Though Val d’Aran’s ski area is not up and running, the athletes are taking advantage of the eased restrictions.


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