Everything on the hill was white, including Snowflake, who was starting to get antsy. He was dressed in a white sweater, white leather gloves, white ski pants, and a white windbreaker with a white drawstring around the hem. He had a silk bandana—white—tied around his neck and patches of white duct tape covering tears in his pants. He is 65 and started wearing white in the 1970s in Andermatt, so he and his girlfriend could ski and canoodle after hours without the ski patrol spotting them. It worked so well that he kept wearing it, surprising ski patrollers, bergführers, and unsuspecting ibex all over Switzerland on his sunset runs. Snowflake is cool in a 1968 way—meaning he never wears a hat, no matter how cold it is, and just being alive and in the mountains is reason enough to be happy. —Porter Fox, “Angel Mountain” (44.2)

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