The Idaho (Urban) Project

Karl Fostvedt and filmer Jasper Newton and friends get creative in Sun Valley

In ski circles, Sun Valley is notable for a variety of reasons, but the urban ski scene is not one of the them. So it’s not surprising that one of Ketchum’s own, Karl Fostvedt, is changing that perception.

Crazy Karl shows off his Performer-inspired freestyle skills in one of the more creative mid- to late-season edits, dropping into Ketchum’s own Guy Cole Skate Park. With the ubiquitous use of a drone, filmer Jasper Newton gives the viewer perspective on the skate-bowl features, in addition to a few more urban features, while Fostvedt employed the use of a winch to make these features a possibility.

“This was our first time bringing a Heine winch into Ketchum. The winch opened up a lot of terrain options for us, including the local Dreamland skateparks,” said Fostvedt. “It was awesome working on a project back home where I was surrounded by the familiar people and places that make Ketchum such a rad place to live.”

Indeed, another talented Sun Valley local, Colin Collins, made a cameo later in the edit, boosting a mini-hip built back in the Warm Springs canyon. In terms of snowfall, it certainly helps that the Sun Valley area has had a solid season, and it’s refreshing to see Fostvedt and Collins adding to the reputation of their hometown.