For the past four months, Fabian Lentsch and his crew have been touring an unlikely list of ski destinations across the Middle East and Russia. Since January, the Snowmads tribe has been living out of a converted fire truck (#vanlife is so last year) while searching for new and unconventional lines to ski and making their powder dreams come true in places like Iran and Turkey.

Most recently, the Snowmad odyssey led Swiss ski photographer Ruedi Fluck, Jochen Mesle, and OG Snowmad skier Markus Ascher, to Qeshm Island, a landmass off the coast of Iran where the average temperature is 81 degrees. Near to the island the men saw something that made them salivate—a sprawl of Alaskan-inspired spines rising up from the floor of the Valley of Stars. The complete and total lack of snow didn't stop them from pulling over.

Dressed in only enough clothing to protect their skin from the harsh desert sun, the crew donned helmets, ski boots, and threw their skis on their backs to posthole their way to the top of hard-packed sand dunes.

Battling the world's most severe case of tip chatter ever documented, the crew drops in, link a few dusty turns before locking it in for a straightline to the valley below.

Not dirty enough for you? This footage is just vile.