The Bunch Does India

Watch The Bunch's new short film, "India Kash"

Full of inspiration, The Bunch has released their newest short flim, India Kash. Taking to the city streets, snow-patched foothills, and evergreen forests of Kashmir for their latest project, the 20-minute movie takes footage from the group’s 17 day journey into this politically-charged mountainous region bordering India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China.

The fast-paced, skate-inspired edit, directed by Gustav Cavallin and Andreas Olofsson, highlights the ski collective’s trip through unfamiliar territory, as they find skiing to be a common language with the local population. Beautiful cinematography showcases the area’s surrounding landscapes, and foggy conditions are given splashes of color with the untamed, stylish skiing of The Bunch’s Magnus Granér, and others, as they use every rail, slab of concrete, rock wall, and patch of snow to express their tweaked out technique.

Be sure to read Kade Krichko’s full-length feature on The Bunch, “The Art of Fun,” in The Photo Annual issue (45.5) on newsstands now.

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