The Bunch is Back with Their Final Film: Finito

Watch the feature length film from the freespirited Swedish ski collective

Swedish crew The Bunch just dropped the final installation of their three-year-long trilogy project, which includes 30-minute films Far Out and Finess. Finito, the aptly named conclusion, is 45 minutes of pure fun.

Known for their creativity, positive vibes, and commitment to the crew, the collective shot footage in Sweden, Norway, Russia, France, and the U.S. for the free, feature-length film. Whether hitting rails in a grimy urban setting or hitting natural features in stunning, high-alpine settings, The Bunch can find their flow just about anywhere. And though they take their filming and editing seriously, they certainly haven’t forgotten what it’s all about—evident in goofy group shots, wild editing choices, and general shenaniganizing. Though this is the last installment of the trilogy, The Bunch has big plans for the upcoming season, and is looking forward to breaking out of the feature-length edit mode. We’ll be following along on Instagram.

Featured Skiers: Pär Hägglund, Magnus Granér, Cole Gibson, Jeremie Veilleux, Jens Nilsson, Maximillian Smith, Lucas Stål Madison, Leo Björklund, Sakarias Majander, Tobias Sedlacek, Erik Pousette, Douglas Källsbo, Linus Tornberg, and Kieran Mcveigh