The world would be a dark and dreary place without dogs. It's a proven fact, or should be anyway, that canines make people happy. They love to work, play, contribute to our overall well being, and they can even help lower blood pressure in humans during stressful situations.

As drawn as we are to all dogs, there's a special place in our hearts for the furry friends who work snow safety at ski resorts across the globe. More than just adorable creatures, these dogs occupy an important role in search and rescue missions.

The above video comes from Telluride, which employs five avalanche dogs on ski patrol: Lady Bee, Sadie, Mona, Doris, Wiley, and Bajuko. Local photographer Brett Schreckengost shot the video entirely on GoPro cameras, giving us a look into the lives of a special group of dogs who just may come to save your life.