Take ‘One Hell of a Ride’ with Streif

Watch as ski racers attempt the most dangerous course in the world

There’s nothing like a Friday night thriller to get your heart pumping as you edge closer and closer to the edge of the couch. Especially when these are real people attempting the craziest ski race course in the world. If you think watching the trailer for Streif–One Hell of a Ride gives you a rush of adrenaline, just think of what it’s like for these racers standing in the starting gate.

Streif is a race course on Hahnenkamm mountain near Kitzbühel, Austria, known as the most dangerous and difficult course in the world. The average slope angle is about 26 degrees and at its steepest the course dives to a 40 degree vertical. Racers fly down at speeds up to 90 mph through the roller coaster of a slope littered with blind drops. Deadspin.com called it the slope “that will rip open your pelvis ‘like a book.'” The smallest mistake on this course could send you to the emergency room, ending your career–or worse.

“There is nothing bigger in the ski world than racing on the Streif. [To] mark yourself in history as one of the legends of the sport, you’re ready to die for it almost,” the voiceover proclaims in the trailer.

The documentary follows skiers for twelve months as they prepare for the ride of their lives. Rent or purchase the movie at Vimeo.com.