It was 1991 when Oberto Oberti, an Italian-born Vancouver architect, and Grant Costello, a former Canadian ski coach, had a grand idea: They proposed building a ski resort with 20 chairlifts and a village in the remote, and striking, Jumbo Valley, located five hours west of Calgary.

Twenty-four years later, Jumbo Glacier Resorts has yet to build a single lift tower, but their dream, despite turning in to one of the most contentious development issues in the mountain world, has not died.

Last year, Sweetgrass’ Nick Waggoner spent the year covering the controversy for a new film funded by Patagonia, called Jumbo Wild. The trailer, which dropped last week, features the beautiful cinematography we’ve come to expect from Sweetgrass, with the environmental journalism Patagonia is now producing.

From October 6-9, POWDER will premiere an exclusive film short for Jumbo Wild. The feature length film will be available for purchase on Vimeo on November 5.