First Tracks After Storm of the Decade

Getting first tracks in 20 feet of snow off Mammoth's Chair 22 was nothing short of heaven

All Time is a season-long video series capturing the best storms of the winter, brought to you by ABOM.

After an unprecedented 10-day storm in Mammoth, which allowed for a new term—”atmospheric river”—to enter the skier lexicon, locals finally got to rejoice and indulge in the bounty. After three different storm cycles, featuring heavy snow, wind, and rain, snow totals ranged from 101 to 154 inches, with over 20 feet on the upper reaches of the mountain.

On Thursday, however, that all changed. NOAA forecasted five to eight more inches. But then, as if Ullr said enough of this heavy snow we need some powder, temperatures dropped and two-plus feet of light, blower snow fell, making it feel bottomless on top of all that storm snow.

When it snows 20 feet in California, you get in the car and drive. Yes, 16 hours in the car was worth it for this skier.

Videographer Colin Farrell was there in first-chair fashion on Mammoth’s Chair 22 and documented the experience for this All Time video.

“Locals were out in force today, emotions were at an all time high,” he wrote in an email. “There was an energy about things, excitement as friends were taking to the mountain, making a play for first chair. I’ve been here for 15-plus years, and I’ve seen it lean, I’ve seen it loaded. Especially given the recent drought years, today was heaven, euphoric, really as good as I’ve ever had it. Not only was it great for first chair, but lap after lap there were stashes to be had all over… It was pure joy.”

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