WATCH: Iconic Lifts Trailer

A Powder Productions Original, presented by Strafe Outerwear, explores the influence of four ski lifts that have changed lives

What makes us feel so safe and comfortable on a steel chair hanging 100 feet or more in the air?

A ski lift—like Alta’s Wildcat, Aspen’s Deep Temerity, Helbronner’s Skyway, and Squaw’s KT-22—is more than metal and mechanics. They’re manmade constructs that lead us to nirvana, influencing our decisions and allowing us to feel connected…to ourselves, friends, and strangers.

A Powder Productions Original, the Iconic Lifts series, presented by Strafe Outerwear, launches Wednesday, November 9. Over the next month, we’ll be launching a series of short episodes featuring interviews and skiing from these prestigious places. Each lift has a story, where men and women toiled to bring us these modes of transportation to augment the ski experience. Here’s a teaser showcasing their impact.

Produced and edited by Powder Productions and shot by Ian Fohrman.