Why These Skis Are The Best of 2018

Thirty-five skiers put 100-plus skis to the test. This is how they chose the skis of the year.

During the last week of February 2017, 30 of the world’s top ski manufacturers gathered in Big Sky, Montana. There, 33 skiers—males and females, teachers and shop techs, young and old—known as the POWDER Union, put those manufacturers’ skis to the test. Their directive? After skiing in the morning with one brand in the morning and a different one in the afternoon, they were to take notes on each of the brands’ four skis they brought to Big Sky and share that feedback. We called this the Daily Dump. POWDER editors recorded those conversations and through pages of data (Excel sheets!) and advanced metrics selected the Skis of the Year.

Watch the above video to learn more about this process and who the POWDER Union is so as to make your decision on what skis to buy that much stronger.

These are the 2018 Skis of the Year.

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