Over 10 days last winter, former high-level ski racer Marcus Caston and POWDER Senior Photographer Adam Clark headed up to Snowbird with a simple mission: shoot resort skiing when the conditions weren’t good.

“Marcus loves skiing Snowbird, he’s cracked out on it…addicted to it,” says Clark, a Salt Lake City native and local. “He loves the crappy days as much as the powder days.”

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It’s a straightforward concept but Caston and Clark wanted to prove that you can make bad snow look good. And with Caston barely touching the snow due to his signature aggressive style, it translated. The two even debated if they should shoot Caston ripping groomers. But it wasn’t a tough decision after a bit of communication.

“We decided that it’s fun skiing groomers so why not shoot em? Plus, you don’t see it shot very often, especially the way Marcus skis,” says Clark.

Good call, fellas.

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