Nikolai Schirmer, To The Moon!

Your weekly adrenaline dose courtesy of Europe's finest

If you see a coworker throwing a hand over his or her mouth and looking around with that, “What the hell did I just see?” look today, it’s safe to say that they may have just watched the new Nikolai Schirmer edit. The Norwegian speed demon has taken his high altitude act up a notch with his latest release, “Crashing Into Reality”, an ode to fast skiing, aggressive line choice, and questionable landing zones.

To further illustrate this point, here’s a brief cheatsheet of the edit that made me spit out the coffee I wasn’t even drinking.

0:03 -- Nothing like a cliff drop 360 to oblivion to set the tone.

1:13 -- Oh, floaty 360 to…what the eff?! Where did that thing come from?

1:41 -- When one puckering double fall line cliff just isn’t enough.

2:31 -- Plenty solid big mountain line until Nikolai decides there is something missing.

With my resting heart rate currently hovering around 100 bpm, I only have one thing to say: We’re not worthy, Mr. Schirmer, we’re not worthy.