MSP Powder Ballad Sings What We’re All Thinking

Yeah... we miss it too

Quarantine fatigue is setting in across the nation. In Southern California, home of the POWDER office, the beaches swell with people who’ve spent nine weeks in their homes.

As skiers, we dream of being in the mountains, of slushy spring laps and pond skims. We dream of those rare, magical May days where winter returns, just for a moment, and leaves us with one final powder day. Matchstick Productions, and the athletes who make up their roster, share these dreams.

So they’ve teamed up to share a “We Are The World” style song, a powder ballad if you will, of hope for seasons to come. Snow returns, and when it does, we’ll slash some turns together through the trees on the backside of the mountain.

See more videos of past winters here.

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