MSP Drops the First Trailer of the Season With “Huck Yeah!”

The footage has us ready for ski season to start yesterday

Ski movie season is almost upon us, folks, which means we’re entering the glorious anticipatory preseason that has us refreshing long-range forecasts with drool slowly pooling on our keyboards. That’s right, the good folks at MSP have blessed us with a harbinger of ski movie trailer season in the announcement of “Huck Yeah!”

We’re pretty sure that Matchstick Productions synced up the release of their trailer with the moment we checked the preorder date on the 2021 Farmer’s Almanac for the 15th time. Maybe they just understood that in the deepest, darkest pit of summer we all needed something new, bright, and shiny to gawk at.

The new trailer provides plenty of fodder for gawkage—with bright young stars supported by stalwart veterans hucking massive features, skiing bottomless pow, and having way more fun than we are. McKenna Peterson and The Blondes make their MSP debut while Sam Kuch returns after his breakout role in “Return to Send’er.” Hoji, Chris Rubens, Mark Abma, and Michelle Parker return as seasoned pros with Bobby Brown showcasing his trademark acrobatics.

Tune in for September—that’s when the real fun begins and the film releases in full.

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