Mountain Music

Meet Mark Morris and his band, Rapidgrass

Mark Morris is a skier's skier—the type of guy always happy to send it but mostly just always happy, especially when he's in the mountains. Which is pretty much all the time. He knows Loveland Ski Area, in Colorado, as well as anybody, and takes December through February off, skiing there predominantly.

Morris is also in a band. He's a mountain man who plays mountain music. "We don't go from city to city, we go from mountain town to mountain town," says Morris. Each summer Morris travels throughout Colorado and even headlines the Laroche Bluegrass festival in Chamonix as the house band. His bluegrass unit, called Rapidgrass, hosts music for an event called the Corn Harvest, a benefit for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, as well as the upcoming Rapidgrass Bluegrass Festival, June 26-28, in Idaho Springs.

Mark Morris at home—on the guitar at Loveland Ski Area. PHOTO: Doug Evans

Mark Morris at home—on the guitar at Loveland Ski Area. PHOTO: Doug Evans

This is the band’s latest song, called Crooked Road, which will be featured on an album they’re releasing at the festival. The video was filmed over a couple of days at a play house in Silver Plume, a few miles from Loveland. It was directed by Morris' cousin, Sean Morris, a Girdwood, Alaska, resident, in exchange for a couple of lift tickets.

For more info on the Rapidgrass Quintet, the band, go here, and for the festival, go here. —John Clary Davies