Mount Bachelor may be closing early, but they’re going out in style.

Last weekend the Central Oregon resort hosted its first ever Snow Golf Tournament, combining downhill skiing and golf into one strange hybrid snow sport. The tourney was a fundraiser for First Story, a Pacific Northwest non-profit that helps low-income families own homes.

Clad in golf attire and clubs in tow, 20 area residents skied their way down a nine-hole course set up on Bachelor’s Leeway Run, using tennis balls instead of the traditional golf setup and aiming at spray-painted snow circles designated as “holes.” And as far as rules?

“There's not a whole lot of rules in snow golf," said First Story’s Executive Director Claire Duncan in an interview with the Bend Bulletin. "There's a two-club limit, and you have to stay clipped in your skis (when swinging).”

We’re unsure if that allows for a sliding drive or spraying competitors as they putt, but it certainly makes for one hell of an approach.