Lots of Bikini Skiers In Russia

Russia breaks its own world record for bikini-wearing skiers

A few weeks ago I went skiing at Sheregesh, a ski area in south central Siberia, with some friends. We were there during Russia's spring break, but it did not look like this. It looked like Siberia. White and gray and cold. It was storming. I wore every layer I could find.

Over the weekend, Sheregesh broke its own world record for bikini-wearing skiers. Over 1,800 skiers participated. We’re not sure if that includes the guys lingering around the slopes in their underwear (and jorts) or not, but it’s clear that this is becoming a proud tradition for the women of Siberia. The region has some good skiers and fine ski terrain, too, but that isn't the stuff that makes international headlines. —John Clary Davies