With less light than I use to find my bathroom at night, Léo Taillefer charges a sinuous, crusty, boulder-lined run at full speed. About halfway down, amid primal “woo-hoos!” and “yee-hees!” he shouts, “C’est bon!” We can’t disagree, though the line at Val d'Isére, Taillefer’s home mountain in southeastern France, grows skinnier and sketchier by the second. By the end, Taillefer meets his match in a patch of grass and crashes, giggling like a maniac.

We’ve known for a while now that the winner of the 2015 GoPro Line of the Winter, known for his GPSY FEELIN series, might have a screw loose. He’s already won two of the four monthly contests in GoPro’s 2016 Line of the Winter series. This video is Taillefer’s entry to the April edition as well as his final bid to win the whole shebang, which includes blue-ribbon bragging rights and $20,000.

The Frenchman notched himself the big payday last winter with his video that features a couple gigantic airs and a fun-looking run through a canyon at his home mountain of Val d'Isere, France.