EDITOR’S NOTE: Each spring we scour the earth in search of the most qualified and the most dedicated batch of POWDER interns. This year, we landed on Drew Petersen, and just two weeks in, we’ve seen a side of him we never expected—his backside. As a reminder, please don’t try this at home. But if you do, consider applying for next year’s internship.

Naturally, before moving to California to intern at POWDER this summer, I skied as much as possible in Utah. One morning in late May my roommate and I set out to ski Suicide Chute, a fun little couloir on Mount Superior. When we were grabbing our skis from the garage, we decided to grab the old straight skis instead. Then we got the idea to bring fireworks. Then, well, the video speaks for itself. Oh, and this was my first-ever run on straight skis. I didn't know 200 centimeters was classified as a competition slalom ski, but I do know how to hop turn.