WATCH: How To Make an Urban Ski Edit Without A Cameraman

This is the most creative social isolation footie we've seen yet

You’ve tried feeding your sourdough starter over and over again, and the damn thing won’t rise. You’ve put together so many jigsaw puzzles you’re starting to assemble them in your dreams. Perhaps you’re “experimenting with cocktails” and keep waking up with a hangover. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Fresh from Finland, this creative ski edit is one of the best things we’ve seen come out of quarantine. The funky Fins aren’t new to skiing on grass and slush, but usually there’s a crew cheering each other on. Not so for Juho Kilkki, the water jug gimble-god of the great white north. If you’ve ever wanted to see a combination of a Rube-Goldberg Machine and a 270 disaster, look no further.

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