Here and Now

4FRNT's new film pushes viewers to find a balance in social media and skiing

Tis' the season for ski movie trailers—a season that both satisfies and irritates our growing itch to ski. Heli drops in Alaska, backcountry excursions in BC, and park skiing in Colorado—it will all be there, just as it is, every year. So what makes some films stand out from others? Perhaps the difference lies in the substance under the pillow lines and urban drops as with 4FRNT’s upcoming movie Here and Now. The film, whose trailer dropped in July, explores the modern, internet-age dilemma of instant and constant connection.

From World Cup halfpipe hits to Canadian steeps, and shot on location in Utah, Colorado, and Canada, Here and Now features Eric Hjorleifson, David Wise, Wiley Miller, Thayne Rich, and Cam Riley while addressing the new era of "social skiing."

"We felt there is a bit of a disconnect that’s developing in the ski community," says 4FRNT Skis Founder Matt Sterbenz on the film’s message. "It seems social media sometime satisfies the void of the physical act. We thought it would be relevant to name the film Here and Now to remind skiers it’s okay to put your phone down and go do the skiing that you're capable of."

In the past, the 4FRNT team has focused on trip-based films, the camaraderie of their team traveling, and 'skate' style flicks with an emphasis on athlete segments. With Here and Now the team took a different approach and used their new movie to address a message relevant to everybody’s day-to-day life.

Here and Now not only highlights the nature of today's professional skier’s lifestyle, but also our commitments as recreational skiers tracking those who influence our own skiing," says Sterbenz.

Whether we are sharing our latest chairlift selfie or new rail trick, we are constantly connecting with our favorite brands and athletes—and that isn't a bad thing, says Austin Ramaley, who wrote, produced, and edited the film. Social media can be a great way for brands and skiers alike to draw inspiration and encourage creativity, but 4FRNT believes there needs to be a balance.

"It’s important to encourage people to get outside more often. Go out and capture something awesome and let the world see it as it’s happening," Ramaley says. "We aren’t anti-social media; it’s more how can you utilize it correctly."

Here and Now will premiere at the first-annual First Chair Festival in Salt Lake City on September 17.