WATCH: Henrik Harlaut’s ‘Slam Dunk’ Comeback

A little soul-searching and a lot of air in the Swede's latest

It’s been too long since we’ve seen something from everyone’s favorite Wu-Tang-loving Swede. Henrik Harlaut’s latest video is a bit of a creative departure for the dreadlocked park skier also known as E-Dollo. The segment, set to an acoustic guitar track, is earnest and open, and depicts Harlaut as a bit less irreverent and a bit more mature than usual. He explains that he’s been focusing on himself, his goals, and his strengths coming off of a season cut short by injury last year.

Harlaut made the most of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter, traveling to Argentina and Australia in search of an endless winter. The timing of “Slam Dunk” couldn’t be more appropriate: Harlaut’s 2015 season-ender happened at last year’s X Games and though Harlaut didn’t land on the podium this year, he took fourth in Big Air—a perfectly respectable comeback.