Friday Night Flicks: Into the Mind

Check out Sherpas Cinema's Into the Mind on

An advisory notice needs to be added to the box of Into the Mind. At the end of the movie, wide-eyed and sunk deep in the back of your couch, brain matter will slowly ooze out of your ears. It's that mind blowing. Sherpas Cinema took ski films to a whole new dimension with this one in 2013, for which they took home multiple iF3 and Powder awards (read our original review here). The footage shot across Nepal, Alaska, and Canada alone is breathtaking, but the story driving this film is the game changer. We follow a skier through his eyes as he takes on a killer peak and goes through the hero's journey (remember that one from Lit. 101?). Heavy hitters like Callum Pettit (his breakout performance), Ingrid Backstrom, JP Auclair, and Tom Wallisch make appearances, shredding through his psyche. You know right away that this is not your typical ski flick. It's heavy, it's complex, it's artistic, it's epic. Watch it right here, right now.
—Mychaela Nickoloff