Fabio Studer Rips Outside the Comp Venue

The third-ranking FWT athlete drops film project, 'Point of Where'

Before Fabio Studer kicked off a whirlwind Freeride World Tour season this January, the 29-year-old Austrian hopped a plane to British Columbia to film one of the most beautiful edits of the winter with Daniel Schiessel, a longtime friend.

The pair met a decade ago at a competition, after which they shipped out to New Zealand to train for six weeks while sharing a queen size bed. Their pillow talk consisted of backcountry edits and unique film perspectives. They thought, ‘Wouldn't it be cool to see different filming angles in backcountry skiing?’

“No normal angle from far away, no Point of View, no selfie; something different,” Studer said. “Angles that you can only film by being on skis, mainly skiing the same spot.”

After Studer landed on Schiessel’s head during their first attempt in the terrain park, they knew they’d have to refine their approach, but they loved the resulting footage. And they kept at it. The result? Point of Where, this gorgeous, dreamy video shot in Canada and Austria featuring Studer floating the backcountry and flying over a glacier gap, letting loose without judges to post full marks.