Tanner Hall returns to the scene of one of skiing’s most gruesome injuries caught on film. Not only does he return to Grizzly Gulch’s Chad’s Gap, but he boots a double black flip. The stomp-filled outcome is palpable, to say the least. A lot of barbaric “yawps” in that one.

Kye Petersen tosses a huge cork 9 in the cozy confines of the big mountains. After all, it’s clear the Pemberton, BC, native prefers stomping landings on 50-degree spines rather than groomed perfection.

Meanwhile, back in Utah, Karl Fostvedt goes blind and throws a switch Lincoln loop on Pyramid Gap. Or maybe the viewer goes blind trying to comprehend how he did that?

And lastly, Alex Hall takes his stall trick from the comp scene to the film scene and somehow throws a cork-looking thing and then stalls out and lands switch.

This is catching air in 2017. Find out who the judges selected as the winner on the evening of December 14. In the meantime, enjoy the nominee clip and/or click here to buy your tickets to the show and celebrate with the winner in person.

Official Best Air Nominees For 18th Annual Powder Awards:

Alex Hall, This Is Home, The Faction Collective
Karl Fostvedt, Guest List, Good Company
Kye Petersen, Numinous, Dendrite Studios
Tanner Hall, Triumph, Tanner Hall, Corey Stanton, and Tom Yaps