When Nordica elected to manufacture skis 20-plus years ago, it was a significant shift for the Italian ski boot manufacturer. Yet now, in the company’s 80th year of existence, a line of skis, called the Enforcer project, changed the perception of this brand as not just a boot company but one of the best ski brands on the market.

Crafted Nordica Enforcer

Nordica Ski Engineer Manfred Reitsamer and Ski Product Manager Florian “Flo” Seer are the creators of the Enforcer line. PHOTO: Sierra Shafer

In the inaugural episode of Crafted, Powder Productions traveled to Mittersill, Austria, where Nordica skis get made—most notably, the Enforcer line. There, we spoke with Nordica Ski Engineer Manfred Reitsamer and Ski Product Manager Florian “Flo” Seer about how the Enforcer 93, 100, 110, and 115 came into existence and why they’re an influential ski in the U.S. market.

Crafted Nordica Enforcer

Down in the valley of Mittersill, Austria, is the Nordica ski factory—right in the heart of the Alps. PHOTO: Sierra Shafer

Watch the above episode and see the inside of a ski factory and learn why and how one of the most versatile lines of skis are made.

For more information on the Enforcer series, read our reviews of the Enforcer 100 and the 110, both Skier’s Choice winners, in our 2019 POWDER Buyer’s Guide.

best all mountain skis Nordica Enforcer 100

For 2019, Nordica trimmed the fat on two of their most popular models to bring skiers the slimmer Enforcer 100 and the women's specific Santa Ana 100, the difference being their core profiles. While the Enforcer has an Energy 2 Titanium layup, the Santa Ana has a lighter and more forgiving core with balsa wood.

The Enforcer 100 is a hearty and stable ski that requires effort to ignite but is fast, responsive, and easy to maneuver in bumps and narrow glades thanks to a longer effective edge than the 110 which made it ideal for the unique terrain at Red Mountain.

A full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal keep the Enforcer 100 from flopping in chunder and won't buck you off when you pick up speed–which is easy to do. Just make sure your legs are feeling fresh; the Enforcer takes muscle to stay on top of.

"The Enforcer 100 is a hard-charging ski built for strong skiers that that aren’t necessarily playful, but like to ride fast and ski the fall line," says Powder Union veteran Abigail Barronian.

Early rise tip and tail rocker with traditional camber underfoot help this narrower waist ski stay on top of powder, but the Union preferred this ski for railing turns on groomers and charging through hard pack.

Clare Menzel says she thoroughly enjoyed this ski on firmer conditions and called it a good all-around ski for her mountain of Whitefish especially in variable conditions or for transitioning in and out of powder stashes.
—Sierra Shafer

best all mountain skis Nordica Enforcer 110

In a head-to-head comparison between the Enforcer 110 and the Blizzard Rustler 11, both of which occupy the upper echelons of the big mountain freeride category, the Enforcer wins out as the faster, more aggressive option (not necessarily the better ski for everyone).

With two sheets of Titanal over a core of balsa and carbon, the Enforcer will be too much to handle for some skiers (the more forgiving Rustler has just one sheet of metal).

But in the hands of a capable driver, the Enforcer dominates in the steep and deep, pivots when needed, and shows no speed limit on hardpack.
—Matt Hansen

And be sure to check out Nordica.com to learn more about the brand.