Cody Townsend Drops New Trailer

Watch Cody Townsend's trailer for <em>Conquering the Useless</em>

Last winter, Cody Townsend became a worldwide sensation after the clip of him straightlining “The Crack” in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains went viral, amassing more than 50 million views online, according to Red Bull Media House.

How does a guy follow that up? By strapping a great white shark to his back, of course, and then skiing straight into a volcano! Now that would break the Internet. But Townsend did the opposite. He set out on his own and partnered up with Chris Rubens, Elyse Saugstad, Dave Treadway, and old friend Matt Sheridan, the talented artist who produced all those beautiful Team 13 films a decade ago.

The result is a film called Conquering the Useless, which Townsend says offers a look at why we ski in the first place—the feeling of setting out on your own to discover not just new mountains, but yourself in the process.

“We’re trying to show the hilarity, comedy, family, friends, and absurdity of skiing mixed with adventure,” says Townsend. So alas, no sharks this time, but we’ll happily trade that for some soul-searching and great skiing.

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