Have you met Bird? If you have, you’d remember the encounter. His nomenclature is a way of life, of flying among the world’s highest places with free-spirited companions. Bird created this video as a tribute to a handful of fallen friends—Liz Daley, Andreas Fransson, J.P. Auclair, Brendan O’Sullivan, and Dave Rosenbarger—friends lost last winter. Each of these people shared Bird’s love for a life fully lived, and they all passed away in pursuit of high places. In the way of Bird, what goes up, must also come down, until the last time, when it doesn’t.

Much like life, this video has highs and lows, extroverted parts and introverted parts. Things start off loud and crazy, calm down, words and thoughts are expressed, and then things hit an uplifting groove. So watch it to the end. Welcome to the world—and the crazy, beautiful life—of Bird. —Julie Brown