Cham Lines Crew Drops Extreme Edit

Three Frenchmen make their mark on a sketchy, unnamed couloir

The Cham boys are back in town with the third installment of this season’s Cham Lines, a web series documenting pursuits of Chamonix’s classic alpine descents.

In this episode, Aurelien Ducroz invites Luc Alphand, a former World Cup racer and racecar driver, along for a wild ride on his home mountain. Guided by Brice Buillance of Heliski Mont Blanc, the crew tackles a couloir on the south face below Aiguille du Moine.

Describing their objective as “a very narrow, hidden string of snow,” Ducroz says that “there is no real name for that line, so we will try to give it one.”

Grinning and out of breath after the serpentine, rocky descent, Alphand dubs the line “La courroie dans la poulie,” which Google Translate tells us means, “the belt in the pulley.”

Good skiing transcends language barriers, but we think a little nuance got lost in translation here. Belt? Pulley? Can any Francophone friends out there help us figure out what ze heck zis means? (Candide? Call me!)