Catch Final Episode of “Chasing El Niño”

Series concludes with 'Sierra Trifecta'—skiing, climbing and biking—all in one day

In the fourth and final episode of the “Chasing El Niño” series, Chris Benchetler and his ski crew hike 6,000 vertical feet through rock fields to find the last of this season’s snow in the Sierras. This time he’s joined by X Games Gold Medalist Jossi Wells, who steps out of the park and into the Mammoth backcountry for the “The Sierra Trifecta,” skiing, climbing and biking—all in one day. We got tired just watching them, but good on ya boys!

The series has followed Benchetler through deep January powder to spring slush in May, documenting the challenges and rewards of chasing the storms around North America. Watch his full journey and get caught up on earlier episodes here.

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