Behind the Line with Johnny and Angel

Discover why the Collinsons were destined to be pro skiers

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Angel or Johnny Collinson. The sibling duo are fast becoming the Donnie & Marie Osmond of the skiing world (minus the song and dance routine).

Angel is nominated for Best Female and Best Line at the 16th Annual Powder Awards on Dec. 4 in Salt Lake City, while Johnny is nominated for Best Powder.

In addition to those segments, last winter the Collinson’s traveled outside of the country together for the first time. Their destination…Kosovo. Join Angel, Johnny, and seasoned snowboarder Forrest Shearer to hear about how these two were destined to become the skiers they are today.

POWDER featured a profile of Angel, called “Angel’s Song,” written by John Clary Davies, in the November issue (44.3).