Angel and Hadley Go To Summer Camp

Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer go stomp tricks with the kids

Two years ago, Hadley Hammer had plans to go to Mount Hood in the summer to work on her air game. Angel Collinson heard about Hammer’s summer camp goals and was impressed. She too wanted to work on being a more playful skier. Though the two didn't know each other, Hammer invited Collinson to join her. The two big mountain tamers camped out in the woods together near Timberline, paid for tickets, coaching fees, and lane access with Windells.

For Collinson, a top youth alpine-racer who spent her summers in spandex slapping gates at Hood, she had come full circle.

"It embodied why skiing is so awesome," she says. "When I was racing, I went off the hill right as it's getting niceā€”as I was leaving, the freeriders were showing up. I always thought to myself, 'Man, those guys are doing something right. That just looks like so much fun.'"

This year, the two went back with a camera crew/coach Nick Martini and made the above hilarious video while learning how to stomp tricks with the kids.

To read more about Collinson, pick up the upcoming November issue (44.3) of POWDER, which will feature a profile of her.