All Time—Mammoth Mountain

A 51-inch whopper set up Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra for a solid stretch run

Before the current spring swoon hit the Sierra, a storm totaling anywhere from 36 to 51 inches hammered Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in early February. This storm started off quintessential Sierra—wet with a high snow-line—before temperatures dropped, changing the powder conditions from swampy soup to fluffy flourless chocolate cake (sorry, I still have my Valentine’s dinner in mind).

According to local Cody Tuttle, “This storm really set Mammoth up for the rest of the season. It was the final covering the mountain needed to cover most of it’s early season obstacles.”

Hopefully a few more Sierra storms during this mid-season will set Mammoth up for a long stretch run into the remainder of this “In-Your-Face” drought season.

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