All Time: Hokkaido Backcountry, Japan

A crew uncovered a pillowly spine area that has rarely, if ever, been seen on film

You think you’ve seen it all from Japan, eh? Me too. Even though filmer Eliel Hindert, who has made the annual pilgrimage to the land of nuclear winter nearly every season the last decade, kept reminding me that “I’d lose my mind when I see these shots,” I presumed that it was just standard Japow hyperbole. Which, of course, is totally justified because if you’ve navigated the Zen halos of bottomless powder and golden birch trees, you’ve high-fived buddha and reached ski nirvana.

Anyway, Carston Oliver, Eric Balken, Drew Petersen, and Hindert all indulged yet also allowed us to feast our FOMO eyes and minds on a new area that has rarely, if ever, been filmed. Undoubtedly, it’ll enforce those presumptions to become reality.

Check out more of Hindert’s work on Instagram: @eliel_hindert.